Now is a great time to buy and SELL real estate!

Mortgage Rates are at their lowest point in years!

  • It doesn’t get much better – with all of the inventory on the market there is a lot to choose from, and prices are great!

  • These are the reasons we tell people to BUY now.  So you would assume that these reasons would not be good for a seller, but remember this … 

  • Give on the selling side and buy in the same declining market you really won’t have an equity loss.  

  • Once you SELL you become a BUYER again!

  • If you are buying UP you can really gain equity advantage right now!

Kelly Hagglund, Principal Broker
Licensed in Oregon Kelly Hagglund reviews
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Pictures SELL Homes!

This is why we at The Kelly Group Real Estate devote so much time, effort, and money to 

  market your home with LOTS OF GREAT PICTURES!

Take a look at OUR LISTINGS then call and Interview US!


What We Do To SELL Your Property
  • take plenty of high quality photos which we then edit and retouch for the best quality

  • use clean, highly visible, professional signs

  • keep your flyer boxes stocked with updated, informative multi-page flyers

  • produce “Home Packets” full of pictures, information and maps that potential buyers can take home with them either before or after viewing your home

  • put your home on hundreds of websites and in front of thousands of potential buyers

  • constantly monitor your web traffic, feedback, viewings and questions from buyers

  • provide monthly reports directly to you – not only on internet viewings, but on feedback and where your home is positioned in the current sales market amongst its competition

  • have staff available 7 days a week to address any questions or concerns that you may have

How Much is YOUR Home Worth?
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