Why Use a Buyer's Agent / Broker?

1) You need an agent who represents you and not the seller. This is beneficial during the negotiation process. If you are working with a buyer’s agent, he or she is required not to tell the seller of your top choice. In addition, he or she is also focused on getting you the lowest asking price.

2) Also, when you use a buyer’s broker, you will see more properties. Not only are they plugged into their Multiple Listing Service, but also they are actively finding homes that are listed as FSBO, or homes that sellers are thinking about listing.

3) Your agent should be actively finding you potential homes, keeping you informed of the entire process, negotiating furiously on your behalf, and answering all of your questions with competence and speed.

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 Sandy Mitchell
Buyers Agent

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 Meri Kerekanich
Buyers Agent

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 Jessica Klus
Buyers Agent

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Francisco Stoller
 Francisco Stoller
Licensed in Oregon

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Our Buyer’s Brokers do all of this and more.

They represent YOU and YOUR interests.

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